Hitachi Consulting Recommends Prince Events

Hitachi Consulting Recommends Prince Events

For the last four consecutive years, Prince Events has managed and executed Hitachi Consulting’s Oracle Practice Executive Client/Partner Reception at Oracle OpenWorld- Oracle Corporations’ annual marquee event, which attracts more than 60,000 attendees. This is the largest event globally that Hitachi sponsors and participates in. In addition to this event, Prince Events has been tapped to help our SAP, MSFT and Industry practices at Hitachi Consulting over the last several years.

From concept, to event set up and execution- Ms. Pittman is the ultimate executive event specialist, and is trusted implicitly by our company. With more than 450 of our most valuable guests attending from across North America, EMEA, APAC and India- this event reception is the most visible affair we perform all year and garners exposure all the way to our Hitachi Ltd. executives in Japan. With her guidance, the event has become a “must have” ticket invite during a week when there are dozens of other competing parties.

Ms. Pittman most recently completed this specific event for The Oracle Practice in October 2013, which was a smashing success. Her concept and theme for this event was genuinely unique. She managed: event conception, vendor procurement, set up and strike- which included multiple vendors from food, beverage, air conditioning, furniture rentals, tents, executive transportation, laborers and more. All vendors that she managed, she negotiated the best prices on behalf of Hitachi. During the event, Ms. Pitman is the perfect event hostess, and has truly become an extension of the Hitachi Executive Team. She clearly has a grasp of how front and back of the house operations work in a large club/venue- and navigates the management of staff vs. taking time to make sure the client (Hitachi) is well taken care of.

In addition to this event, all of our V-VIP client gifts are entrusted into her care. Ms. Pittman sources, creates and then delivers one of a kind “Oscar Awards” type VIP baskets for the most senior executives at Oracle Corporation. Each year, these are some of the most sought after gifts, and Ms. Pitman always out does herself.

Ms. Pittman’s reputation within our company is excellent, and she’s been an asset to the team. Hitachi has made a commitment for the next several years to continue to work with Prince Events on this specific event, especially with the positive momentum we have realized from her services over the last several years.

Please let any prospective clients know that I am available for phone call follow up in case they have questions about Prince Events and their services.


Jennifer Lasida
Director of Marketing & Alliances
Hitachi Consulting